Equality and Reliability

The story of Afrimood

Afrimood represents all the strong and positive, progressive energy and atmosphere that comes from Africa with the diversity, joy, power and richness of colours. Afrimood is a feeling of light and joy. It is also a trip to something new and unknown but, at the same time, back to the roots and everything familiar.

Afrimood was born out of friendship, a similar state of mind and a desire to realize our dreams. Not only that but also out of a large number of ideas wanting to become true. Our desire to create opportunities for others as well and let them make their dreams come true has from the very beginning been our leading principle.

Our logo has the traditional Ghanaian symbol called funtunfunefu – a two-headed crocodile with only one stomach. It symbolizes democracy and unity. For us these siamese crocodiles represent friendship as well as equality and unity between different races, nations and individuals. After all, man is the same all over the world, equally respected and important.

We want to offer you a piece of genuine Africa with our Afrimood.

You are welcome to join us on our trip!