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Ordering products from Afrimood

When ordering products from Afrimood customers need to give name, address, phone number, e-mail address and the address to which the products are to be sent.  The products are shipped to the customer in 5-30 working days from sending the order confirmation depending on the delivery time for each product. When ordering multiple products you may receive the total delivery in more than one packages. This is because some products are shipped by our manufacturers directly.

When ordering the products the customer is in each case bound by the Terms & Conditions to follow the existing conditions of contract, order and delivery. The binding deal becomes valid when Afrimood has confirmed the order by e-mail.

Registration as a customer is recommended. Afrimood register of customers is confidential and thus no information is given to a third party.

E-mail is the main form of communication between Afrimood and the customer. The customer is committed to check his/her e-mail after making the order and after paying for the product. The cancelling of the order must be made as soon as possible after having made the order. The customer must save the e-mail confirmation of the order we have sent in case of liability for errors. All products offered by Afrimood are sold as they are. Become well acquainted with the specification of each product on our webshop.

Study the more exact Terms & Conditions as well.


Prices and terms of payment

VAT 24% is included in the prices for products shipped from Finland where Afrimood maintains a small stock. VAT on products shipped from any other destination is payable at the receipt of the the product and is managed by the shipping company or you as the customer. Cost of shipment is added to the product price at checkout. Any possible other costs are mentioned in connection with the description of the product. All the information regarding prices and products is given on the Afrimood webshop. In case you need some more information contact us.

Payment can be made by credit card via Paypal account or directly to Afrimood´s account.

We will send you an e-mail confirming your order to the email address given by you.


Delivery of products

The order is shipped to the customer in 5-30 working days (depending the specific delivery time for each product) after sending the order confirmation. The delivery of custom made products that will be manufactured only after the order, the time of delivery can vary and will be given in connection with the order. All products are sent by post or a shipping company unless otherwise agreed.

Afrimood is responsible in case the product is damaged or lost during transportation. The customer is responsible if the product is damaged or lost during the time of return.


Return Policy

Products provided by Afrimood have a 14-day return or change right if the product is unused. A faulty product is replaced. To return the product in Finland is free of charge for the customer in case the product is returned within 14 days. From outside Finland the customer is responsible for the cost except when a faulty product is returned. Other than clothing, custom made products cannot be returned or changed.

The return policy by post only applies to unused products. Within the 14 days the customer have the right to examine the product and try it on in the same way as one would with a product purchased from a shop. The customer loses his/her right to return the product when it’s taken into use. In case you decide to return the product remember to save all the documents (the order confirmation and receipt). In uncertain cases you can email Afrimood before returning the product in question.


Afrimood is not responsible for any damage the customer has caused by his/her neglect. Please notice that the customer has to pay attention to the following facts:

  • The product must be returned within 14 days of receiving it at the latest.
  • The product must be returned in its original package well packed.
  • The copy of the order confirmation must be included.
  • An explanation of the reason for returning the product must be given.
  • In the return please include the following information: your name, address, phone number and bank account number for possible return of funds.



Make sure Afrimood receives the product undamaged by using the original package. And, when necessary, line the product with extra wrapping or padding. Afrimood does not accept any refund of the product if the damage during transportation is due to the customer’s inadequate packing of the product.


We are happy to receive any feedback and questions from you.

Welcome to be a happy customer of Afrimood!