Equality and Reliability

Frequently asked questions

1. Who makes Afrimood products?

We mainly purchase our products across Africa, from small companies and individual craftsmen alike, all of who adhere to the same Afrimood principles and high standards. Find out more on Our People.

2. Can I order products without registering with Afrimood?

You can browse our products freely without registration. Products can be ordered without registering with Afrimood however when you do, processing your next order will be more straightforward. You can also order from us by emailing us. More information can be found in the Terms & Conditions.

3. How quickly will I receive a product that is specially made for me after I have placed my order?

With those products that are made only after the order has been confirmed, the final delivery time will vary but is in each case clearly stated when making the order.

4. What if a product is out of stock?

In the case where a product is out of stock, we will re-stock as soon as possible. All available products are on the  Afrimood webshop, and continuously updated. Many of the products are however unique and we keep only 1-2 in stock.

5. I would like to have a product that I cannot find from Afrimood Webshop. What should I do?

Please email us and share your thoughts on this. We will find out if it is possible to make your wishes to come through. Afrimood is always welcoming new product ideas.

6. How is the leather used in the products sourced?

Afrimood adheres to standard customs processes and regulations. Afrimood products do not use leather from endangered species.

7. Are drums and other instruments for professional use?

All instruments available are for professional use. They have been made by professionals and each one is tested by a professional musician.

8. How should I wash the fabrics purchased from Afrimood?

We recommend that you wash the fabrics prior using them. We do not recommend washing the fabrics in over 40 Celsius. Please familiarize yourself with the washing instructions in detail.

9. How do I return a product?

You can return and change the products purchased from Afrimood within 14 days after receiving the products if the product is unused. Any broken or faulty products will be replaced. This return policy only applies to products that are unused. Please refer to Terms & Conditions for further detail