Equality and Reliability

How we work

Product Supplies

In each African country where the products are made, Afrimood trains and works with individuals and organizations with local market knowledge. Members of the Afrimood team spend time in each of the producer country to assess the types of products that would be interesting for the global market and how they can be improved to meet the competitive market environment. All products and producers are carefully selected by Afrimood and its partners under the following criteria:

  • That materials used in producing adhere to strict environmental standards.
  • That the materials and production process do not cause harm to the environment and do not contribute to the depletion of the resources used.
  • That all producers and products follow the strictest ethical methods and values and does not involve:
    • Cruelty to animals.
    • Use of minors in the production.
    • Use of unpaid forced labor in the production.
    • Use of materials and processes deemed illegal under local and international law.
  • That all our producers are duly registered entities and fulfill their labor and tax obligations to the local or national authorities.
  • That the products meet all international standards and obligations.
  • That the businesses of our producers will bring benefits to them, their families and immediate community.

We are also constantly looking for products made by Africans in the diaspora who are combining expertise gained in their current countries of residence to design and produce African products. These are individuals who are creative and entrepreneurial wherever they are and promote Africa and African products in their new homes. Afrimood works with such individuals to expand their market base internationally and to use their experiences to support producers and entrepreneurs in their countries of origin.



Once a customer places an order and prior shipping, the Afrimood partner team will go and inspect the product that it meets all the requirements of quality and price (except in the case of Africans in the diaspora). Afrimood offers products that are handmade and in many cases made to order based on your specific requests, therefore they are not stored in quantities. Afrimood guarantees the packaging and shipping of the products within the time specified under each product.



Afrimood and the producer will jointly decide the price of each product. The only condition would be that the final price would bring fair market value to the producer for the time, efforts and money and that the customer gets a lower price than what they would otherwise pay through a middlemen.



In some cases, Afrimood will pre-finance the production of the products or buy products directly from producers. These cases may include:

  • If the producers are not in a position to pre-finance the cost of the materials needed for production.
  • If for special reasons, the economic and social conditions of the producers require that they get some money upfront in lieu of supplies.
  • If, by the nature of the product, there will be better storage and delivery conditions elsewhere than in the producing country.