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Djembe Solo Pro

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Djembe Solo Pro

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Large solo Djembe with rope tuning.

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Hand carved in Ghana (therefore allow some variation in the given dimensions). Goatskin heads and nylon rope to carry it on your shoulder. Additionally all large Djembe's come with a carry bag made of fabric. Each Djembe has a unique design and therefore the design might differ from the one seen in the picture. This product is custom made for you by the stated manufacturer after you place your order. For that reason you need to allow the extended delivery time of 30 days. VAT on this product is not inclusive of the price as it is payable at the receipt of the product.

Additional Information

Country of shipping Finland
Country of origin Ghana
Manufacturer Trinity
Color Brown
Material Handmade wooden body (triniboa/sese), goat skin head, nylon rope
Instructions for use While small cracks are normal in many wooden carvings and add to the character and rustic natural beauty of the wood, what is not wanted are large cracks developing after the carving is purchased. Depending on the finish of your wooden product, there are mainly two methods of cleaning the wood. If your product has a varnish or lacquer finish, there is little care required. In this case you can simply use a furniture wax and a soft cloth. For unfinished or natural wood products, a light coat of oil, such as teak oil, every few months will help prevent cracking. Afrimood producers also aim to eliminate cracking by applying natural Shea butter to the products before they are shipped from Africa, to prevent excess drying of the wood. Additionally Afrimood encourages you to shower gently the larger unfinished carvings, sculptures masks and statues occasionally, especially during the dry winter months.
Dimensions Ø 29cm, 64cm
Shipment time Customized shipment (30 workdays)

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