Equality and Reliability

What we do

More than just a shop, the Afrimood concept is to create value for our customers and producers by offering them a platform where they can interact for exchange. This interaction and exchange is reflected especially well in some of the custom and tailor made product lines.Through us our customers can get tailor made clothing as well as other selected items and directly support the enterpreneur making the product. Afrimood is mediating the discussion between you and the producer on fabrics, color and other detail depending on the product. The end result is a fully customised product, hand made by one of our talented People, and delivered to you in the time agreed. This process of customization is what makes us unique.

True there are a lot of people who visit Africa and fall in love with a wide range of products that are produced locally and purchase a few. For each such person, there are millions who do not have the opportunity to visit the continent but still wish to buy African products. We bridge the geographical and cultural distance and give both our customers and producers a great value for the efforts and money.

We provide our cherished customers around the globe a wide collection of products made by individuals that we have talked to, verified their production process and heard their story. We guarantee the authenticity of the people and products and guarantee also that the products would be delivered to our customers within the timeframe and in the condition that we promise.  Our customers not only get better value for their money but also pay less money for better value by buying directly from the producers.

To local African artists, designers, producers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs, we provide wider market access to reach a global market of customers through the use of technologies. Afrimood is further committed to improving access to knowledge, skills and relevant tools and technologies of the African providers to make them more competitive on the global market. Through Afrimood, these African producers can sell directly to the end user irrespective of location; they get a higher value for their products.

We also work with designers and producers of African products who are not in Africa but in their own ways, are already pushing African products to the global market. We only work with original producers of African products. We do not work with intermediaries who import the products from Africa.


At Afrimood, we believe strongly in individuals pursuing their own success and happiness through being able to do what they do best, drive their business to the best of their ability.

We are planning a number of interesting ventures for the future and you will be the first to know, so watch this space!